Hrajme Tenis Slovensko


On the date from 22.11. –  2.12.2023, tennis camp took place in Púchov at the Sportaqua Hotel. The main goal of the tennis camp was to improve the players in practice matches with a focus on strategy and tactics during matches. Players had the opportunity to improve their skills and adapt to different situations that may arise during matches. There was a sufficient number of players at the training camp for the coaches to create space for playing matches with each other. Part of the tennis camp was the analysis of individual matches. Our fitness trainer Peter Lopata oversaw the proper warm-up before training, as well as after training for stretching, regeneration and quality sleep of the players. The entire training took place in a pleasant atmosphere, and on the last day our trainers prepared Santa packages for the children.

Coaches: Boris Borgula, Braňo Sekáč, Pavol Krta, Marián Vajda and Peter Lopata.