Hrajme Tenis Slovensko

February tennis camps and fitness testing

We are happy to share news of our successful February tennis camps, which were combined with fitness testing. 

During this month we held two intensive camps in dates 2.2.-4.2.2024 a 23.2.-25.2.2024 for young male and female tennis players in the 2012/2013 year groups. The aim of both camps was not only to improve the players tennis-wise, but also to strengthen the players' physical fitness. 

The programme also included fitness testing, which provided us with useful information about the players' fitness level and performance. This data can help us to better tailor training plans and individual approach for each player. Our fitness coach Peter Lopata was in charge of the fitness testing of the players. 

We are proud of the progress the players have made during these camps and also thank all the coaches, players and parents for their commitment and support.

Tennis practices were led by: Marian Vajda, Pavol Krta, Boris Borgula, Branislav Sekac and Peter Lopata