Hrajme Tenis Slovensko


In dates 14th to 26th march our coaches and children moved to Croatia-Poreč for tennis and fitness training camp.

The main goal and content of the camp was to adapt to the transition from the hall to outdoor clay courts.

Camp was divided into two phases:

1st phase

It was focused primarily on fitness training - strengthening of important parts, on the specifics movement on clay as well as on improving endurance due to longer exchanges on this surface. On the tennis side, the children were introduced to the rebound, and the coaches emphasized specific movement and the correct involvement of the legs when hitting.

2nd phase

In this phase, we smoothly moved on to drill the most frequently used shots on clay, to gain hitting confidence, practice various game situations and at the end training matches took place.

In addition, the children learned teamwork, analyzing their performance, the basics of healthy eating and spent a lot of time on compensations and regeneration. Last but not least, the children were educated and fulfilled their school duties.

We thank the coaches Pavol Krta, Emil Miške and Peter Lopata for the excellent and professional preparation and the children for the excellent job they made at camp!