Hrajme Tenis Slovensko


On the 1st and 2nd of April in Bratislava, the workshop "Fitness training in tennis (youth)" was held, which was intended for fitness and tennis coaches with the contribution of extremely important topics in the field. The seminar lasted two days and both days were divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The opening of the seminar and the opening speech of the first day was given by the president of Hrajme tenis Slovensko Marian Vajda. Subsequently, the professional topics continued, which you can find in our previous article at this link:

Various professional topics were discussed at the seminar, such as fitness training for tennis vs general training, what should youth fitness training in tennis include, variety of training vs specific training, playful form of developing skills and abilities of youth, strength training and its use, what skills in tennis, you need to develop a methodical sequence, but also how to prevent injuries and how to use knowledge from physiotherapy. Theoretical topics were connected with demonstrations in the practical part, while the first day the practical part took place in the fitness center and the second day on the tennis court.

Refreshments were available to all participants throughout the seminar. On Saturday evening, a voluntary "connections" dinner was organized, where space was left for individual conversations with the speakers.

Due to great success and great responses, we will prepare another seminar for you.