Hrajme Tenis Slovensko


Talented youth tennis camps at the NTC

<p>In January and February, two HTS tennis camps of &nbsp;youths players took place at the National Tennis Center under the guidance of our coaches. The camps were focused mainly on matches, video analysis and mental coaching between tournament periods. The players have gained new skills, experience and professional advices.<br></p>

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Fitness training in High Tatras

<p>In the date from 6.10-17.10.2021, a fitness training took place in Tatranská Lomnica, which was managing under the guidance of our fitness trainers Pavel Šmela and Peter Lopata. Fitness concentration in the alpine environment was focused on the comprehensive development of motor skills (strength, speed, endurance and coordination). Emphasis was placed on the correct implementation and mastery of the technique of movement stereotypes. Due to the high variability of resources, our players have acquired a large number of new movement skills. The training included compensatory, stretching exercises and alpine hiking. Creativity, socialization and a high degree of healthy competition in the team helped us to build a solid foundation for further development of motor skills, acquisition of the necessary motor skills but also building moral-will-free qualities. High-altitude tourism not only tested the endurance of our children, but also served to compensate for the one-sided burden, and we believe that it conjured a smile for our children from spending time in a beautiful autumn alpine environment.</p>

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Sústredenie v Piešťanoch

<p>Počas dní 28. apríla až 2. mája sa v tenisovom areáli HS Centrum v Piešťanoch uskutočnilo sústredenie hráčov Hrajme tenis Slovensko. Toto sústredenie bolo zamerané na tenisové a technické zručnosti hráčov. Rovnako sme s rodičmi diskutovali o ich tréningových plánoch, turnajovom kalendári a o budúcnosti hráčov.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p>

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